Complate Multi Gas Analyzer 8000-M4

Complate Multi Gas Analyzer 8000-M4  (CO, H2S, O2, EX)
Fungsi : Alat deteksi gas di area kerja


Specifications :
Principle: Electrochemistry(CO, H2S, O2), Catalytic Combustion (EX)
Measure range: CO: 0-1000ppm, H2S: 0-100ppm, O2: 0-30%VOL, EX: 0-100%LEL
Resolution:1ppm(CO), 0.01%VOL(O2), 0.01ppm(H2S), 1%LEL(EX)
3,5-inch hd LCD screen
Large capacity of lithium polymer battery
Detect the CO, H2S, O2, Flammable gas concentration in the air
Internal sampling pump, fast response and reliable
Chinese/English language
Dimension: 260*230*120mm Weight:3700g

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