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F900 Forklift & Small Engine Exhaust Gas Analyzer

Feature :
CO Sensor 0 to 50,000 ppm
O2 Sensor 0 to 25 %
12″ Sampling Probe, with 10′ Dual Hose
S-Type Exhaust Fitting w/ Clamp
Optional Flexible Probe Attachment
Bluetooth & USB Cable
Optional Wireless Bluetooth Printer
PC Software Package with Real-Time Graphing, Logging, and Recording
Internal Memory, 2000 Tests
Automatic Data Saving
External Water Trap with Filter Cartridge
Rechargeable Batteries & AC Charger
Protective Rubber Holster w/Magnetic Support
Protective Carrying Case
Operating Manual

Kegunaan Alat F900 Forklift & Small Engine Exhaust Gas Analyzer : Alat Analisa Gas Industri


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