Alat Ukur Kekerasan Buah GY-1 (Fruit Penetrometer)

Alat Ukur Kekerasan Buah GY-1 (Fruit Penetrometer)

Fungsi : Alat ukur kekerasan buah. Ideal untuk perkebunan buah, perusahaan buah, supermarket, gudang, riset dll

Functions and Characteristics:
Fruit Penetrometer or Sclerometer (also called fruit hardness tester)
This series has GY-1, GY-2, GY-3 three kind of models, use to testing apple, pear, strawberry, grape, other fruits hardness.
Ideal for the fruit scientific research department, fruit company, fruit farm, warehouse, supermarket, technical college agriculture colleges and universities. To cultivate the improved variety, the harvest storage, the product transportation and the processing and so on by the fruits hardness. Thus judge fruit’s maturity.
This instrument ia portable, easy to use, and user friendly
Indication scale : 2-15kg/cm2 (×105Pa)
Pressure Head size : Φ3.5mm
Precision : ±0.1
Insertion Depth : 10mm
Size : 140×60×30mm
Weight : 0.5kg



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